Jones for a lifetime. It’s not just a slogan - it’s something we take seriously. For more than 100 years, we’ve been giving Baltimore area drivers a reason to come back to us. Year after year. Model after model. We’ve been there when new moms and dads came in to buy their first minivan or SUV. We’ve smiled when young hotshots, armed with their first full-time job, come to us wanting a roadster or a muscle car to show the world their achievements. And we’ve helped countless working men and women pick out a vehicle to help them get the job done, whether it’s a construction worker from Lutherville looking for a heavy-duty pickup or a real estate agent in Bel Air, MD who needs a respectable, roomy sedan to give his or her prospective clients confidence in his or her abilities.

We’ve been around for more than a century, and the reason is that we value lifelong partnerships over quick sales. We take pride in putting Baltimore-area drivers behind the wheel of the right car to suit their needs. We’re especially happy when we have the privilege of serving several generations: from parents to grandparents and beyond. It reminds us that we’re a part of the community, serving drivers from Fallston to Parkville, MD.

A lifetime guarantee on all engines. Lifetime free oil and filter changes. Parts and service are guaranteed for a lifetime. Free state inspections. Free 24-hour roadside assistance. And when you bring your car in for repairs or maintenance, a free car wash. That’s Jones’s promise to you. We’ve spent more than 100 years taking care of Baltimore’s car needs, and we’re looking forward to another century of service. Pay us a visit and check out our new inventory.