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Experience SuperCar Features with the new Kia Stinger

Drivers who are in the market for ultra-powerful, high-tech, and full-featured sports cars should take a close look at the new Kia Stinger line of vehicles. The Kia Stinger embodies the professionalism of the brand, and this line of performance vehicles pushes the envelope in many vital areas. Luxurious interior amenities and smart features greet passengers upon entry. Drivers can flex their performance muscles with easy to use controls and extra features that are worthy of track competitions. With the new Kia Stinger line of vehicles, drivers like you can experience supercar features firsthand. The sales team at Jones KIA & Used Cars in Fallston is here to pair you with your new Kia Stinger during your next visit. Continue reading to learn more.

The New Kia Stinger Delivers the Performance

When it comes to performance, the Kia Stinger lineup boasts many high-performance numbers for Baltimore drivers. Under the hood, various features combine to deliver impressive 0 to 60 measures. It includes twin-scroll turbochargers for each bank of its smaller four-cylinder 2.0-liter motor. While this engine is the smaller member of the family, it still puts out a high-performance 260 foot-pounds of torque and 255 hp. In addition to this impressive, fuel-efficient motor, a larger version lurks in the wings.

This larger motor is a 3.3 L, twin-turbo V6 kicking out a performance-ready 376 foot-pounds of torque. Powering this tire spinning torque level is the 365 hp base. The new Kia Stinger comes in both rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive (AWD) models. Available eight-speed automatic transmissions serve both trim levels, while the GT model also sports a limited-slip differential that works to add extra grip and traction.

It has fun features like a launch mode that optimizes several performance metrics to provide fast takeoffs. At the same time, it includes fuel efficiency-enhancing features such as Idle Stop and Go and Coasting Neutral Control. The Stop and Go service can shut the engine off during prolonged stops in traffic, while the Coasting system can disengage the gearbox from the motor to allow greater range and mileage.

Experience High-Performance Technology in the New Stinger

In addition to its unseen talents, the new Kia Stinger also has many highly visible gifts. Its aerodynamic exterior includes high visibility extras such as auto-folding mirrors with embedded LED turn signals. These power-folding and heated mirrors also include auto-dimming technology that allows you to maintain clear fields of view, even during nighttime travel. It comes with the available Smart Welcome system that can detect key fob proximity and activate several critical vehicle systems in response.

Even the windows in the new Kia Stinger are smart, and they include specials such as heat absorbing, solar control windshields, and sound deadening windows in the front passenger areas. Together, these innovative glass systems help to maintain comfortable interior climates and high sound quality.

The new Kia Stinger Offers High-Performance Safety Coverage

The new Kia Stinger sports car offers many safety enhancements that work hand-in-hand with its powerful motors and transmissions. The new Stinger comes with available 18-inch alloy wheels, and within these wheels lurk high-performance Brembo brakes. These brakes offer extra such as heavy-duty construction materials, additional vents for heat dissipation, and even multiple pad locations for some designs. Plus, the Stinger uses these Brembo disc brakes on all four wheels along with the proprietary anti-lock braking system.

Above the brakes lurk ride smoothing, electronically-controlled shocks, and springs. Unlike run-of-the-mill springs and shock absorbers that simply react to road conditions, these smart versions use a variety of sensors to read road conditions and adjust tension levels in response. The result is enhanced comfort for passengers and control for operators.

In addition to these chassis and suspension based safety and performance measures, the new Kia Stinger also has many interior protections for passengers and drivers. Examples include the Dual Front Seat-Mounted airbags, Dual Front Advanced Airbags, and Full-Length Side Curtain Airbags. Working in combination with the three-point, pretension seatbelt systems, these airbags can form a protective shroud among both front and rear-seat passengers.

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